Facebook Apps

Building a customized Facebook app gives you more in-depth experience of Facebook, Facebook app is an effective way to unlock the full power of Facebook. 3wOgle custom Facebook application development team creates apps that give you the opportunity to have more engagement with your customers by integrating the potential of your business with the core and in-depth power of Facebook.

3wOgle provides you with the secure and user friendly customized Facebook apps which enhances the potential of your online presence. With our Facebook app development service, you can have

  • Culturally Related Facebook Apps for example Food related Apps for Pakistanis to showcase their favorite restaurants with their friends.
  • User friendly and reliable application within appropriate budget.
  • In-depth viral marketing of your brand. Let your app become your mouth of word.
  • Great way of two way communication between you and your customer.
  • Opportunity to find new potential customers which you might have missed.
  • Feedback from your customers which helps you in molding your strategy accordingly.
  • A core point for referring more web traffic to your website. More web traffic, better SEO rankings.
  • 3wOgle professional team of developers is quite aware of the current world technologies and platforms being used for development purposes and therefore gives you the best solution by considering and analyzing your business need. Our team has hand on experience and skill on:

  • Facebook API, FBML, FQL, FBJS
  • Facebook Connect Platform
  • PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Smarty
  • XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX
  • We have been in this field to provide the quality services at affordable prices to our customers, our area of expertise in developing Facebook apps includes:

  • Compatible Facebook apps for business websites and smart phone software.
  • Games Based Applications. Varying from virtual reality to board games.
  • Poll Based Applications to generate more user engagement.
  • Quiz Based Applications to keep entertaining the users.
  • E-commerce Based Application for generating maximum business profits.
  • General Surveys of any niche.
  • Write to us now to order your customized Facebook app. Have any query? Feel free to contact us.