Banner Ads

Banner ads are image(s) or animation(s) encompassed with an integrated hyperlink of a website or any webpage containing further information and content about the posted banner ad, It’s similar to the printed ads in newspapers and magazines but with an additional feature of ‘click able’, on clicking the ad the clicker is redirected to the website or whatever destination set by the ad owner. The only big reason of applying banner ads is that looks more attractive and lively as compare to any other print media or visual(TVC) ads.

The banner ads designed with current designing and development standards are far more sophisticated and eye catchy as they were never before. Some of the core advantages of having a banner ad for your business are.

Cost Efficient: Banner ads are considered as the most cost effective and reliable solution in current marketing tactics. They are easy to design and also allow you to set the targeted budget for your ad and how often it will appear on the web.

Easy to Access: Unlike from other marketing mediums like news papers, tv commercials, brochures etc, the banner ads helps you in bringing a potential and interested customer to you. With just one click, user is redirected to a predefined destination where it can find all the details regarding your business. So it’s quite easy and flexible way of bringing new customers without expending handsome budgets.

Easy to Monitor: Can you keep a track of your marketing tactics i.e. the record that hoe much customer did you get by distributing your service brochure or by running a TV commercial? Can you give an exact and accurate figure? The answer is simply no; you cannot have a pin point statistics for your marketing strategies. But, banner ads give you the full control and opportunity to monitor and control your activity over web, it gives you complete detail that how much traffic did you got from your banner ad, the location of your visitors, from which website they came and many other prospects of marketing.

So, thinking to have a banner ad for your website? Great thinking indeed but confused how to do it? Just write to us at or contact us and we will take care of it.