Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

BPO refers to Business processing outsource i.e. hiring other firms to perform the responsibilities for your business which are non-core operational affairs of your business. There are three types of BPO services, one is the back office outsourcing which refers to the in-office affairs like HR management, sales etc, the second is front desk outsourcing which includes customer services, help desk, franchises and outlets, the third BPO type is offshore outsourcing which means that you are doing contract with someone outside the country, these types of outsourcing includes supply chains and logistic services.

3wOgle group of companies has its expertise in all three sections of BPO services; we can assist you in the difficult areas of your business like sales, financials, support etc. Outsourcing your business services to 3wOgle group of companies surely benefits your business in many ways like

  • Cost competiveness
  • Professional and experienced team to handle the operations
  • On time and flawless solutions
  • Integration of updated and advance technology
  • High business value and profits
  • High return on investments
  • Maintainable and user friendly solutions
  • Our service range includes HR management, sales, Customers Support, Software Solutions, SEO solutions, Website designing and Development Services , Business consultancy, ERP solutions, Supply chain management,CRM solutions and other business processes.

    We have been in this business with a vision of providing a one stop solution to our customers with quality and 100 percent customer satisfaction. Our aim is to attain the highest level of excellence and brilliance in providing the IT-enabled services in this competitive market.

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