Flash Website Designing

3wOgle provides you professional flash based web design which gives artistic, creative and imaginative effects to your website which makes your visitors to explore your website more. Flash based portions of a website look more glowing and lively as compare to the total text based websites. Users prefer self descriptive images other than plain, colorless and lengthy texts. Flash websites doesn’t needs to face browser compatibility issues as it only requires a flash player to be installed and it allows you to convey your message more easily and effectively. A Flash website gives you:

  • Compatibility: Flash websites are compatibles with most of the popular browsers like chrome, Firefox etc. The stats shows that flash websites works with 90% of the updated and current technology except iPhones and iPads. Also, you don’t need any third party media players for your flash website. What you all need is flash player. That’s it.
  • User Friendly: Pictures speaks more than words and in this era where the day to day life of people is quite busy that don’t have time to read the lengthy texts, Flash website is the perfect solution for such audience, an animated video with a background voice describing your services serves more effectively than lengthy texts. In CSS/PHP you can use very few and basic fonts for your website text but flash allows you to use the fonts you want for your website to make its feel more user friendly and business oriented.
  • It’s important to note that a user spends average 30sec on a webpage so it means that you have to convey your business products or services in that short spell which undoubtedly not possible in the form of written text, that’s the thing where flash comes into play, a slide show of images describing your brand’s nature can be really helpful in this regard which will encourage user to stay and browse more within your website and our professional team is quite capable of designing your website in such a manner that it will make your user glued on your website.