Stock And Inventory Services

3wOgle aims to provide one window solution to its customers so that they can have solution of their every problem at one place and thus saving their time and valuable money. Our stock and inventory services Is the part of our chain of services.

Generally Stock Refers To Three Main Types

  • Raw materials and components, needed to be utilized in production.
  • Under Process Stocks – Unfinished Goods i.e. are in Process.
  • End Product- finished Goods Ready For Selling.
  • 3wOgle’s stock and inventory service refers to the stock of the valuable goods of our customers, so that they can be provided at the time of need. The term ’stock and inventory control’ plays a very vital role in managing this service. The word control means to look after the pros and cons of having too little or too much stock of any product. It also helps in keeping a track of your product’s stock position i.e. the information of available stock, how stock much will be utilized by any specific time period, when new stock will have to ordered etc, in short our stock and inventory management service helps you in keeping a balance between the demand and supply of your products in market.

    Hiring The Stock And Inventory Management Services From 3wOgle Lets You:

  • Lower Storage Costs Because of the Availability of Multiple Resources.
  • You can have only what you need at any particular time i.e. flexible and easy access to stock.
  • Track able stock levels.
  • Safe and Secure Placement of Your Valuable Goods.
  • Easy way of ordering/issuing stock.
  • To have a continuous coordination with the supplier and reseller to run the operation smoothly.
  • Updated and Automated Systems to Maintain the Complete History of the Stock.
  • Helps You In Setting The Production Speed/Frequency For Your Products.
  • Our team is experienced enough to look after the stock and inventory management of your products. A monitoring supervisor takes the complete care of your stock placed in our warehouses and updates you for taking steps where needed for the better management of your stock.

    Want to try our services? Give us a chance and we will give you the service up to the high standards of quality. Write to us now at or contact us for more details and queries.